iPad For Beginners – How To Use The App Store On The iPad

If you are new to the iPad one of the first things you will want to do is check out the app store but there are so many it can be confusing. The main thing you will want to know when starting out is the difference between paid and free apps. That will save you or your children running up huge bills downloading games and tools.

To use the app store on the iPad you need to start from the main home screen. This is the screen you start on when you turn the iPad on. You will then see a blue icon that says App Store underneath it.

Once the it launches you will see the main home screen and normally this is full of new apps, editor’s choices and grouped tools that are themed such as tools for top productivity.

You can start viewing them straight away by tapping on one that is of interest.

NOTE: If you are new to this make sure it says “FREE” next to the one you want to download so you don’t run up a bill.

You can also use the buttons down at the bottom of the store to look at Featured apps, Top Apps or use the Genius tab which will suggest apps to you based on your interests usroid.

In the top right corner you will see a search bar if you know the name of the app that you are looking for and can conduct a search for it. In the top left you can sort the apps by categories depending on which sort of app you want to download.

A good place to start if you are new is the section that says “Top Apps For Your New iPad” you will normally find this on the featured screen and it has most of the basic apps you will need.

To download an app, you simply tap it and enter your App Store password. Assuming you got your password correct a green button will appear with “INSTALL” on it.

Simply tap the install button and you will see a bar moving across that tells you the progress of the download. You can leave the app store and you will see the icon on your main home screen. Then simply select it to start an app.

Using the guide above you can find your way around the app store. There are thousands of apps to look through.


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