Air Filters, Chocolate Rain and 15 Minutes of Fame

That saying about how in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes seems to be coming true. I was checking out YouTube the other day and it is insane how many people put up videos!

One video especially got me thinking. It was a song called ‘chocolate rain’ sung by a guy named Tay Zonday. It really seemed to summarize the way this quick fame system works.

The actual video is of Tay – a young Michael Jackson impersonator made of wax-
standing in front of a mic and singing to a piano beat. Lyrically, the song consists of one line, then the words “chocolate rain” repeated nonstop for 5 straight minutes. instantfamez The main standout is Tay’s incongruous voice, which is frighteningly deep for his puny frame. As the song progresses, he occasionally turns his head aside to breathe, adding more unintended humor.

Most people who watch the video think it is some kind of bizarre joke, although the lyrics are supposedly profound. After its upload, the video received millions of views and spawned several parodies. But the main point in all this is that an ordinary person can reach the masses overnight, possibly get a recording contract, and quickly cash in before everyone wakes up and asks “what were we thinking?”

So I started to wonder, why shouldn’t I get in on this? All that’s required is a camera and way too much spare time. I finally came up with an idea involving my main interest – cars and car accessories-a way for my car to get the worldwide recognition it deserves.

I will film my car Roberto’s life over the course of a week. The opening will take place in Roberto’s home- the garage- early in the morning when he wakes up. He’ll drink a cup of oil, cough and slowly start up. He’ll then swerve his way down the highway- just another bleary head lighted Ford Escort joining the morning commute. And that’s when the action will start. Out of the corner of his headlight he’ll see a curvy Asian Camry bat her wipers at him. He will respond by enthusiastically belching exhaust from his tailpipe. But then when all is going well, a beefy Hummer will suddenly appear from nowhere, flanking Roberto and splashing him with mud.

Blinded, Roberto will spin out of control and fly off a cliff. A huge explosion will result and the scene will fade out. The next scene will begin a week later in the hospital (pep boys), where Roberto awakens and is gazing sadly at his twisted and scarred body feeling like he’ll never be restored to his old form.

But all hope is not lost. A skilled surgeon (my mechanic Al) will put Roberto back together. He’ll get all awesome add-ons, car side vents and a new air filter, which will him into a sleek, well-oiled machine. In the end, he won’t even recognize himself. I think that song from Rocky should be playing as Roberto gets a new lease on life and makes his comeback.

And if my video should get more than a million views? That would be great. Once Roberto gets his well deserved recognition, he will become an instant celebrity, honked at wherever he goes. Maybe he’ll even get his own reality TV show….

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