101 Marketing Strategies – Developing Marketing Systems

Simple 101 marketing strategies include marketing systems. What is a marketing system? It is a repeatable process that creates a profit and builds your small business ERP accounting system.

Your goal as an entrepreneur or small business owner is to grow and build your business. It is also, most likely, to create a business that will, at least at some point in the future, be able to run without your presence every day of the week. If it wasn’t you probably wouldn’t have decided to start your own business – you probably would have been happy with a regular job, that while it has it’s own drawback, has certain benefits as well.

Another goal you need to have when it comes to marketing your small business is to create marketing systems that you can repeat over and over to build your business. The system will constantly have to be adjusted and enhanced, but you need the base to work from, so that you can continue to grow.

Your marketing systems will be made up of various components, many of which will feed into one another, continually building your business. Your orientation in these systems must be on clarifying your target market, creating a compelling message and promotion, delivering that message through a variety of media.

Your marketing systems will likely also be able to be broken down into smaller systems, that when put together, create a larger cohesive system.

Where do you begin to develop your marketing systems? With a marketing plan. You must set aside some time – and if you are first starting out, it might be helpful to create a ‘work weekend getaway’ or set aside several days to sit down and work on your marketing plan and systems either on your own or with the appropriate people from your staff. You will need to think about every aspect, starting from your target market, going through the 3 M’s, designing your introductory level products, your front end and your back end systems, learning the lifetime value of your customer and much more.

Once you have identified all the areas you want to explore, you can get into the details of designing specific products and services to fill in around ones you may already have. Then you can begin to determine how you want to reach people, where you would like them to connect with you and what you will be offering and when. You may determine that one of your marketing systems will be an ebook, that you will interest people in it by using pay-per-click. Once they are on your sales page, you may want to offer a variety of bonuses, making the offer so good, it is hard for people to turn it down. Then, as you deliver that product, you may want to offer something related, that would serve the customer even more, continuing to work at meeting their needs and solving their problems. You will want to know what you will do with that customer’s information and how you will continue to follow up with them – most successful entrepreneurs use an auto-responder series to stay in front of new clients and prospects. You will want to determine what other products and services your new clients will want and need and then deliver those, giving them an opportunity to continue to gain benefits and solve problems by being a part of your circle.

Marketing systems can be quite complex, have many different branches and directions. Sometimes it helps to put together a flow chart of the process a prospect or client will go through so that you can best look at the ways you can make the experience as beneficial and helpful to the client as possible.

The more time you spend on developing the systems, the better they will work for you. And, you must remember to continually be tweaking and adjusting, asking for feedback and making changes as you learn more and understand more about what your clients want and need.

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